Jo Nin – Painer and Graphic Artist

Jo Nin grew up north of Lake Constance. Already in his early youth he drew mainly people and painted abstract motives. In 1981 he finished high school and completed an apprenticeship as a typographer in 1984 and another as an art printer in 1986. During his master studies in 1988, he was already working as a freelance artist and, in addition to monotypes, created paintings and nude drawings in gouache, pastel and watercolour chalk and also worked as a graphic artist and illustrator. After 2012 Jo Nin taught as a drawing teacher at a swiss private school and taught the corresponding painting, drawing and printing techniques. He lives and works as a painter and graphic artist at Lake Constance.

Langenrain Castle, Langenrain, Germany
Freudental Castle, Freudental, Germany
Partners International, Vienna, Austria
Partners Hungary, Budapest, Hungary
Hotel Halm, Constance, Germany
ArtBox Kunstausstellung, Barcelona, Spain
2020 SwissArtExpo/ArtBox, Zurich, Switzerland

kunstnet Online-Gallery, Berlin, Germany
xarto Online-Gallery, Berlin, Germany
artwista, Gallery, Berlin, Germany
artipool, ArtPool, Dortmund, Germany
Artflakes Online-Gallery, Leipzig, Germany
Stiftung Kunstforum Berlin Kunstforum Berlin, Germany
Artists, Online-Gallery, Düsseldorf, Germany
ArtBox, Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

Jo Nin – Werke 1990 bis 1999 – Werkverzeichnis Band 2, Frank Schmidt (Publisher),
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Jo Nin – Werke 1990 bis 1999 – Werkverzeichnis Band 2, Frank Schmidt (Hrsg.),
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Deutsche National Bibliothek entry
Jo Nin

Maler Jo Nin Monotypie Ausstellung

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