Jo Nin – Painer and Graphic Artist

Jo Nin grew up north of Lake Constance. After grammar school and two apprenticeships in typography and art printing, he then completed his master's degree. It was during this time that he created his early works. Study visits to Chicago, Paris and Venice followed. Later, Jo Nin taught appropriate painting, drawing and printing techniques of fine arts for different grades at a Swiss private school.

In addition to works in acrylic, watercolour, gouache and pastel, Jo Nin also experiments with oil paints. Many artistic realisations of his motifs are created using the monotype technique. The monotype combines manual drawing and painting with a unique transfer process. The human being, whether clothed or as a nude model, is at the centre of his artistic work. Jo Nin lives and works on Lake Constance.

Langenrain Castle, Langenrain, Germany
Freudental Castle, Freudental, Germany
Partners International, Vienna, Austria
Partners Hungary, Budapest, Hungary
Hotel Halm, Constance, Germany
2020 Barcelona 1.0, Artbox-Project, Barcelona, Spain
2020 Swiss Art Expo, Artbox-Project, Zurich, Switzerland
2022 Tana Art Space, Fondamenta de la Tana, Venice

Gallerys/Art Network
Singulart Online-Gallery, Paris, France
Saatchi Art Online-Gallery, Santa Monica CA, U.S.A.
artipool, ArtPool, Dortmund, Germany
Stiftung Kunstforum Berlin Kunstforum Berlin, Germany

Maler Jo Nin Monotypie Ausstellung

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pinterest Collection of nude drawings and monotypes of Jo Nin

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